Add:No.518,xinZhuang Highway,
Songjiang District,shanghai City

     Shanghai Lab-Spectrum Instruments Co., Ltd(LSI) is a Hi-Tech enterprise which is professional at R & D, production, salement and service of spectrum analysys instruments and laboratory equipment.With advanced  products , modernized management and globalized market’s development strategies, incorporated to over 10 years of  extensive product design, manufacturing experience ,LSI has quickly taken possession of  a lot of  the domestic  advanced products market, and is expanding gradually to the international market. With our  working  principle, "Meet your requirements is the purpose of our work ",LSI will provide more and more high quality  products to our customers. Currently four series of products have been the supply of international and  domestic  markets.With the high quality products and  thoughtful service ,LSI has been established a good reputation in  our customers.

Address:Shanghai Caohejing Songjiang Hi-Tech Park
201,Building 9,No.518,Xinzhuan Road,Songjiang,Shanghai,China.

Tel:+86 21 67766139  67766136 67766137 67766138
Fax:+86 21 67766135                  Zip:201612

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